Are you our new silverjungle sales representative?

Are you sociable, cheerful and interested in working with fashion and clothing? We are a youthful team of international people looking to expand our forces. We currently have over 60 sales representatives serving our customers all over Finland. Submit your application here.

Do you want to be a sales representative?

The work of a sales representative is divided into two seasons, spring/summer and fall/winter. The seasons begin in August/February and end at Christmas/Midsummer. We offer our representatives a presentation collection free of charge for the duration of each season. This means you can start working with minimum initial costs. The only initial costs are related to the equipment needed for the presentations. The representative is responsible for getting a clothes rack and hangers.

We offer you good tools, allowing you to focus on making sales, marketing yourself and increasing and developing your customer base. Our sales representatives can make use of our excellent, well-functioning delivery and packaging service: the sales representative submits the customers’ orders to the warehouse through an online store, and the packages will be sent directly to the customers from the warehouse.

All our sales representatives gain a nice personal discount for our collections. In addition, the representatives may purchase the model clothes at a discount after the sales season is over.


The qualities we require of our sales representatives include a cheerful attitude and a good sales spirit, along with the ability to organize sales events with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We would like our representatives to organize five sales events every month. However, we always assess the entire season as a whole (around six months).

Our sales representatives receive a provision for their sales, always calculated from the sales not including VAT. Our sales provision is 20% and, in addition, we have a bonus step system allowing you to earn a bonus of 10%. We offer all our representatives high-quality marketing materials.

To work as our sales representative, you need a business ID, which can be applied for at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the recruitment!